COVID-19 Ready Dental Clinic in st. Catharines

“We are COVID ready”

“We’re open and ready to see you!”

Keeping our patients safe is our top priority, and we remain committed to the following strict guidelines and safety protocols.

Enhanced patient protection measures: All of our staff have upgraded their protective gear, this includes appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). We meticulously clean and disinfect the procedure room after every use, as well as sterilize all instruments.

A virtual waiting room: We have set up a virtual waiting room for you to check-in via text, and wait outside until your room is ready.

Digital pre-screening: All patients and staff members are screened daily for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors to ensure our clinic stays COVID-free.

Closed operatories and Air filtration (HEPA): Our clinic is well equipped with high-efficiency air filtration systems that continuously clean the air.

Cashless Payment: To reduce infectious spread we will no longer take cash or cheque as payment. Should you have any concerns please give us a call and we can make arrangements on a case to case basis.

Staff with PPE in st. Catharines: To lower down the risk of the contamination of Covid 19 our staff is well equipped with PPE kits, as our patient’s and team members’ health is our top priority.

Covid safe dental practice : Keeping Covid safe, we are accepting new patients whether is for a check-up or a dental emergency.

Dental covid safe plan in st. Catharines: Safety is our number one priority. Narwal Dental has integrated strict screening policies and hygiene protocols for everyone’s safety from Covid 19.

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