Dental Filling in St. Catharines

If you have a cavity and require a filling to repair your tooth, the team at Narwal Dental offers the restorative options you need. They fill the cavities, restore the tooth and help prevent painful decay or infection that can cause bigger or permanent damage to your tooth. We offer both traditional metal-amalgam fillings and composite fillings. Metal-amalgam fillings are silver-grey in colour, which may discolour your tooth. Composite fillings can be made to match your surrounding teeth perfectly, allowing you to restore your smile with an aesthetically-pleasing treatment. During a dental filling procedure, our dentist removes the signs of caries from your tooth and replaces the infected tooth material with a dental filling.

For more information and to see which option is right for you, book an appointment or call us at

905-685-4003 for Affordable & Economical Dental Filling at St. Catharines or 905-937-4710 for Dentistry at Linwell for dental filling.

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