Dentistry for Seniors in St. Catharines

Irrespective of age, keeping a healthy smile is vital. While our teeth require special care as we age, dental awareness has evolved, and with old age, losing teeth is no longer inevitable. You can preserve outstanding oral hygiene and enjoy a healthy smile in your older years with good dental treatment and consistent dental visits.

One of the last areas of the body to be looked at tends to be the oral condition. Unfortunately, poor oral health is just as likely as many other medical conditions to cause chronic illnesses that require treatment. One of the dental profession’s main problems is meeting the needs of the aging population. Many of these patients have protected their teeth to an advanced age with our help.

As a seniors’ dentist, we take very seriously the importance of providing the beloved elderly members of our community with adequate dental services and home-care guidelines.

For more information and to see which option is right for you, book an appointment or call us at 905-685-4003 for affordable & economical Dentistry for seniors in St. Catharines or call us at 905-937-4710 for affordable & economical Dentistry for seniors in Linwell.

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