Kids Dentistry Services in st. Catharines

We are one of the premier dental centers, providing the highest level of care in a safe, enjoyable, and comfortable manner for children, where they are excited about coming to the dentist. We provide comprehensive pediatric dental care, from infants to teenagers, whether that is simple and routine as in cleaning, or something a little bit more involved as a filling, an extraction, or even a baby root canal crown. The foundation of good oral hygiene starts at home with the family as soon as the first teeth erupt. Our philosophy on pediatric dentistry is to provide parents with the tools they need to take care of those teeth, with parents and children working together supported by the pediatric dental team here at Narwal Dentistry Linwell, thus making sure that the kids have great oral hygiene from day one and stay cavity-free. Call at 905-685-4003 for affordable & economical Kids Dentistry Services in st. Catharines

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