Wisdom Tooth Removal in St. Catharines

A wisdom tooth extraction is a small surgical procedure done to remove one or all the wisdom teeth at the same time. Wisdom teeth are usually extracted when they do not have room to grow, which causes discomfort, pain and infections. While wisdom teeth are probably the most commonly extracted teeth, any tooth that is affected by disease, decay, or trauma may be a candidate for extraction. Before recommending extraction, we will investigate all possible avenues for saving your tooth, perhaps with a procedure like a root canal or with a crown. However, if it is not possible to keep your natural tooth the next best thing is to have an extraction done by the experts at Dentistry in St. Catharines and Linwell.

Book an appointment or contact us today at 905-685-4003 for Affordable & economical wisdom tooth removal Dentistry at St. Catharines or 905-937-4710 for Dentistry at Linwell and find out how extraction could help you reduce dental pain and improve your oral health.

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